Building empathy with video

Our purpose is to reach, challenge and inspire at least one million Australians, through the power of digital media and positive storytelling, to increase understanding of marginalised communities and increase social cohesion within Australia.


Social Cohesion

Social cohesion is defined by the positive social relationships in our community that bind and bond people together. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission (2015), 'a socially cohesive society is one that works towards the well-being of all its members, fights exclusion and marginalisation, creates a sense of belonging, promotes trust and offers its members the opportunity of upward mobility'. The 'I am Australian' campaign focuses on reducing racism, a key symptom of poor social cohesion within society.

I am Australian

Using the power of social media video, the campaign aims to decrease feelings or thoughts of racial bias within the wider Australian community, towards people of differing race, colour or religion. Each video provides a window into the soul of a protagonist who has lived experience of racial discrimination. By showcasing the human spirit that binds us all together, we aim to increase human connections and foster acceptance of diverse beliefs, cultures and ethnicity. 

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